Design in steel

Do you want to successfully market CE mark building products? The European steel construction standard EN 1090 is now stipulating more requirements for this. We supply you with static calculations and manufacturing documents to ensure that your building products comply with the relevant directives and technical specifications.

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Steel Structural Engineering

Steel support structure planning. We provide calculations for steel support structures in industrial and hall construction, in container and silo construction and in architectural steel construction.

Production drawings

Designed by structural engineers. We draw individual part, sub-assembly and assembly plans for a wide range of steel structures for you.

Stainless steel design

Clean down to the very last detail. Stainless steel designs are used in cases where special requirements for corrosion protection exists, where certain hygiene requirements must be met or simply for aesthetic reasons.

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    A good sign: Steel recycling


    Steel can be recycled again and again without any loss of quality. This results in a considerable saving on natural resources. Energy is saved.