Lightweight Metal Construction

Lightweight. Protective. Secure.

Encasing structures. Lightweight metal construction primarily includes construction systems with thin-walled components for roof and façade construction. Corrugated and trapezoidal profiles with accompanying roof purlins and wall bolts made out of cold-formed sheet metal, or cassette profiles, are frequently used as roof and wall elements. We create roof and wall installation plans for lightweight metal construction, including the planning documents for the associated moulded parts. We calculate the structural components from a structural engineering point of view, in line with the applicable guidelines.

Standard-compliant results. The launch of DIN EN 1993-1-3 for steel components and DIN EN 1999-1-4 for aluminium components resulted in changes to the calculation principles for lightweight metal construction too. DIN 18807-3 and DIN 18807-9 which primarily affect construction, shall remain valid in the absence of European standardisation. This current situation with respect to standards has resulted in loopholes, which are expected to be eliminated with the introduction of DIN EN 1090 parts 4 and 5. These will introduce new regulations specifically for structural design as well the fabrication of structures made from cold-formed components. We eagerly await these changes to the standard.