3D laser scanning

Rotate. Measure. Detail.

Full documentation. Structures are constantly being expanded in industrial and plant construction in particular. Renovation and expansion can often lead to gaps in the construction documentation, meaning that the actual situation can no longer be reconstructed from drawings.

  • 3D plant documentation in industry
  • 3D current situation assessment as a basis for planning
  • Line and pipe bridge documentation
  • Production and collision controls
  • Generation of a plant land survey

Methodically reaching our goal. Planning work can only take place on the basis of reliable principles. To offer you fast and uncomplicated planning, which takes into account the existing situation, we can make use of customised measurement technology using a 3D laser. When it comes to this we work with a partner that takes into account not just the measurement technology side, but that, based on its technical experience, also measures the areas which are necessary for planning. As a result you will receive a realistic 3D model of your structure or industrial installation.